Welcome to Mia Boutique where we strive to bring you beautiful clothing and accessories that are made in America.  We're very glad you're here!!

About us

First, let’s start with the name of the business--it has double meaning.  First, my nickname is “Mia,” which I got from my Dad at a young age.  The second stands for Made In America.  I love America and everything it stands for!  It saddens me that almost everything you pick up in stores anymore is made somewhere else.   I want to do a small part in keeping this country great and I strive to bring you high quality clothing made in America!  

Fashion has always been a passion of mine.  I love the classics and unique pieces with an unexpected twist or embellishment to them as well.   That is what you’ll find at MIA BOUTIQUE---classic looks, but contemporary trendy and fun pieces as well that make you stand out in the crowd!  All at an affordable price.