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Rewards Circle Info & FAQ

How do I earn points?

    • Sign up for Rewards Circle program. Once signed up, we will put 200 points into your account.
    • Place an online order with Mia Boutique or make a purchase at any Mia Boutique event. For every dollar you spend (excluding taxes and shipping), we will put 10 points into your Rewards Circle account.
    • Celebrate your Birthday! If you provided your birth date, we will put 1,000 points into your Rewards Circle account.   Note, you birth date must be in the system 30 days or more before your actual birth date for the points to be applied.  If you joined and provided your birth date within 30 days of your birth date, contact us at mia@miaboutiquellc and we will work with you to get the points added to your account.

    How do referrals work?

    We’d love for you to refer Mia Boutique to your friends and family.  Through our Rewards Circle program, we provide incentive rewards to you and to the friends and family you refer.  You can send your referral code (more on that in a bit) via email or Facebook to your friends and family.
    Reward for the person you referred:  The people you referred will be provided a discount code they can use for $15 off their order of $50 or more (excluding taxes and shipping).
    Reward for you for your referral:  For each person you refer Mia Boutique who places an order at our online store or makes purchase at any Mia Boutique event (regardless if they use the discount code from your referral), you will receive a discount code for $15 off a future purchase of $50 or more (excluding taxes and shipping).
    Referral code:  This is actually a link that you can send via email to friends and family.  Also, you can share your referral code via FaceBook.
    You access your referral code from the Rewards Circle (see FAQ question 1).  Once logged in to Rewards Circle, scroll the popup window all the way to the bottom.  Your referral code (link) appears in the box.  You can either copy the link via the button to the right of the link and paste in emails from the app you use for emails or click the email icon which opens up an email box where you can send the email via Rewards Circle. 


    If you choose to share your referral code (link) via Facebook, click the Facebook icon and you will be sent to window to login and share the referral code. 

    From this point, any actions on the referrals you’ve sent will be communicated via email.  The emails will have instructions on next steps.


    We hope you enjoy the benefits of the Rewards Circle program. 

    We have an FAQ document that may help with use of the program.

    Any questions regarding Rewards Circle should be sent to us at mia@miaboutiquellc.com.

     Last updated: 8/16/2020